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Your Timeline

  • Twelve weeks is a good prep time.
GRE Review Timeline: Twelve Weeks to Prep
  • ◦ Study for six weeks
  • ◦ Break for two weeks
  • ◦ Review for three weeks
  • ◦ Take the exam

Your Score

  • “I understood math concepts that I didn’t even grasp in high school ... I got a 166 (97 percentile) on the verbal and a 159 (82 percentile) on the math!!”
  • - Rebecca
  • “I got a 165 (96 percentile) on the reading. Thank you!”
  • - Kylie
  • Results are common but not guaranteed

Your Practice and Review

  • The GRE Review Program is not offered at this time. However, contact us if you'd like tutoring or help reviewing a practice test.

Your LifeLines

  • A Full GRE Prep Course — The Classroom Experience in a Book
  • Learn the Math and Verbal
  • Use the full curriculum based on the live classroom experience, streamlined over the years by student feedback.
  • Build Your Skills
    Start with easy concepts and progress gradually through the lessons to the most challenging questions.
  • Work the Questions
    Use the workbook space provided for Quizzes and Drills, and check your work with complete step-by-step solutions.
  • Get the Answers
    Cut to the chase with steps and illustrations based on whiteboard drawings from live class presentations
  • Stay Organized
    Find what you need quickly with the easy flip-through page markers for fast navigation and reference.
  • We are almost finished with the 2nd Edition of the LifeLines Workbooks. Contact us if you'd like to order an advance copy.

Any Questions

  • Call any time 1-888-GRE-GMAT (473-4628)
    or email