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FAQ about GMAT, GRE, SAT LifeLines
  • Q: What's a "LifeLine"?

    A: The LifeLine tells you how to approach the question or what to do when you're stuck.
    For example, say it takes Jerri 9 hours to drive 450 miles, and you need her average speed. LifeLine 90: To find the average speed, divide the total distance by the total time. 450 miles divided by 9 hours is an average of 50 miles per hour.

  • Q: What does that mean, "The classroom experience in a book"?

    A: We have been teaching GMAT, GRE, and SAT prep since 2008. Last year we actually placed a camera in the classroom and captured an entire course. Everything in the book, from the step-by-steps to the stories, is based on delivery to an actual student group.
    With the experience of teaching the classes, we know the common mistakes, sticking points, questions that students ask, and how to connect step-by-steps to things that students already know.

  • Q: I haven't touched math in ten years. Will I be ok?

    A: You're in good company. Many students haven't touched math in a long time. We assume that you've forgotten everything and that it'll come right back. The workbook introduces each topic at its most basic and brings it up to test level.
    The workbooks cover exactly what you need for the test. Rather than a full math refresher, you study a targeted, focused set of concepts. Spend your time on what you need.

  • Q: When should I take the GMAT or GRE?

    A: The GMAT and GRE are offered several times per day, almost every day. You can pick the time and date that suits you best, but the time slots tend to fill up during the April and November admissions deadlines.
  • Reserve your test date now, and you can always change it later. This way, you're guaranteed a time slot that works for you. GMAT test takers can sign up at, and GRE test takers can sign up at

  • Q: I'll never use these skills again. Why do the schools require the GRE?

    A: There's a reason why the physician's assistant, the construction manager, the master of counseling, the engineer, the occupational therapist, and many PhD candidates all have to take the same test.
    It's because the schools want to know how hard you're willing to work against a goal that has no boundaries. You could study vocab for years, and there will still be more. What do you do: shy away, avoiding it completely? Blindly jump in, wasting time and energy? Or strategically approach the challenge, maximizing results with available time? This shows the schools how you handle a challenging graduate program.

  • What other questions do you have?

    I'll be happy to answer and may even add a paragraph to this page. Email me at